As part of our great BI department you will:

Lead a team of BI developers
Synthesize information from multiple sources to solve problems critical to
our future strategy and growth.
Take ownership in the company’s data modeling efforts and data systems
including Data-Lake, warehousing , ETL, stre

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Front End BI Engineer

What will you actually be doing?
§  Develop and maintain dashboards and reports for various customers
§  Transforming data into visual insights and building dashboards
§  Own the transformation process from turning raw data into analytical
§  Proactively identify gaps in data consumption a

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 Architect and build a highly scalable data pipeline for diversified and
complex data flows
 Guide our data engineers / BI Developvers by setting technical directions
and providing standards, architectural governance, design patterns, and
 Influence our BI solution roadmap strategy a

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ראש צוות תשתיות BI

ראש צוות פיתוח תשתיות DWH- מדובר בתפקיד של
מנהל שהוא HO בעולמות פיתוח תשתיות BI.
התפקיד כולל:
ניהול צוות של 3 מפתחים
ניהול, מעקב והוצאה לפועל של תוכניות העבודה
של הצוות 
פיתוח תהליכי גזירת נתונים ממערכות שונות
וטעינה ל – DWH 
פיתוח תהליכי עיבוד נתונים מורכבים
אחריות לזמינות ולתפעול השוטף של המע

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Key Responsibilities:
• Create meaningful dashboards and reports to provide meaningful business
insights from data 
• Design and implement usage flows in the BI system that will serve the
needs of different stakeholders such as business, monitoring and research
• Create dashboards and repo

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