לתמיכת Tier 4 במערכתenterprise  מורכבת בתחום

 רמת שירותיות גבוהה, נסיון מעשי מוכח
בעבודה בתחום השירות במשך 3 שנים.

 ניסיון בעבודה עם Oracle וכתיבת שאילתות SQL
ברמה גבוהה, נסיון בעבודה ב RAC.

 ידע בפיתוח סקריפטים בשפות PERL/PYTHON – חובה.

 ידע ברמת System במערכות הפעלה Windows  -

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 תיאור משרה

ניהול והובלה של צוותProfessional Services
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אחריות על מתן תמיכה
face="Times New Roman"> Tier 2/3
face="Times New Roman"> עבור מערכות שבאחריות
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ניהול תכנית עבודה מאתגרת ותיעדוף משימות
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Business Development Manager

הגדרת התפקיד:
אחריות כוללת על הובלת תהליכי שיווק
ומכירות מול הלקוחות בתחום הבטחוני. הדגש
בתפקיד הוא על היכולת ליצור קשר עם לקוחות
פוטנציאליים בחו"ל, הבנת דרישות/צרכי הלקוח,
קביעת הדרך להבאת מכירות המוצרים ועבודה
מול גורמי הפיתוח על מנת לוודא כי המוצרים
מפותחים על פי צרכי הלקוחות, כולל הדגמות...

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Job Description
Leading projects and knowledge of Microsoft Unified Communication (Teams and
Skype for Business) in Professional Services Group .
Working with company’s customer as technical leading of the projects.
Plan & Design customer solutions based on Microsoft Unified Communication
(UCC sol

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Junior Customer Support/Success Engineer

1-2 years as IT Admin/Application Support Engineer/SOC/SIEM experience.
Good knowledge of monitoring tools, SIEM, Cloud (AWS/Azure), Virtualization,
Windows, Linux, Microservices, Kubernetes, NFS, Storage
Basic knowledge of communication protocols concept TCP/IP, SSL, SFTP/SSH
Basic kn

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IT cloud operation engineer

What you’ll be doing:
·         support and design highly-available, redundant, public
cloud, utilizing IaaS and PaaS, for large scale mission critical applications
and high-
transactional workloads with emphasis on infrastructure and delivery
principles in the Cloud and On-Premise
·         Un

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Solutions Delivery Manager

As a Solutions Delivery Manager, you will help to implement, deliver and
support the solution to our customers while ensuring all business and project
goals are met, including timeline and resources.
 You will own the customer relationship during the implementation process
and the success of the

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Professional Services Engineer

Job Description:
To be in charge of tier 3-4 support for our Israeli and overseas customers,
Assisting tier 1-2 engineers and customers during the installation and
configuration of the system.
Helping to troubleshoot complex tier 3-4 technical problems and provide
operational crisis

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What You'll Do
Provide support, mentorship and guidance to Tier 1 support personnel
Maintain / add to Best Practices documentation for internal and external
Collaborate with 3rd party services in order to solve issues
Maintain a low rate of non-bug escalations to the development team

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לתפקיד מרכזי ומאתגר מול לקוחות במגזר

הובלת תהליכי פריסייל והנדסת מערכת
בתחום רשתות תקשורת ו/או בתחום מחשוב Datacenter
מול לקוחות Large Enterprise מובילים במשק.
הזדמנות להוביל ולתכן פתרונות
וארכיטקטורות בחזית הטכנולוגיה.
ניסיון באפיון ארכיטקטורה
הנדסת מערכת וכתיבת מסמכי תכן.

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 The Application Engineer will provide expert level technical customer
Pre-Sale and post-sale support for our customers in Digital Implementation
Front-End area.
This is an excellent and unique opportunity to work on challenging and
complex projects at advanced technology environment with major

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 Job Description
We are looking for a qualified customer success manager to manage our support
team and provide effective guidance. You will be responsible for supervising,
managing and motivating your team members.

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The role is technical and aims to grow in scope and responsibilities. This is
a great team to join in and grow from, at a company that has a very well
established product-market fit. We need someone that shares this commitment
and mission.

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Software/Electronic Engineer
3-5 years of experience as a global support engineer
Knowledge in Web applications and IIS applications, analysis and
troubleshooting of malfunctions
Proficient in Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 management and maintenance
Experienced with deployment an

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Security Solution Architect

Onboard new customers- Lead the architecture and deployment phases of our
face=Roboto size=3 color="#19334D">’s onboarding process by quickly
understand complex systems and requirements, find the correct solution for
their needs and manage it closely until full deploymen

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