We are looking for a talented engineer to join the Production team as a
Bench Engineer. 
Your main task will be working on 5G technology while focusing on silicon
production & characterization testing. 
You will develop automatic testing, working with different teams to implement
and verify the

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Leading all electrical and mechanical hardware aspects for medical device:

Prepare and perform development and testing by defining technical
requirements, test strategies and test equipment. 
Translate standard requirements to HW requirements.
Architecture definition.

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Software System Integration Engineer

You will work alongside with system engineers and SW engineers. The SI SW
engineer’s role is to lead new algorithms from definition through
implementation phases to delivery. The position includes system analysis and
optimization thru the defined requirements.

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Product Line Engineer

About the Job: 
System team is looking for passionate SW-HW Eng. with strong SW orientation
to drive the next HW generation into successful mass production and
deployment in the real-world!

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System integration Engineer

Required deep knowledge and hands on experience in the following areas: 

Integrating PHY algorithms. 
Experience in definition and testing of  MAC–PHY algorithms such as: AGC ,
ATPC , MCS selection etc.. 
Integrating RF and modem HWs. 
Experience in system definition and tests. 
Programming langua

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מהנדס אינטגרציה

לצוות תכנון כרטיסים אלקטרוניים דרוש מהנדס
הגדרת התפקיד: 

מהנדס לאינטגרציית מוצר – אינטגרציית
כרטיסים במכלול, אינטגרציה עם קושחה ותכנה  
בדיקות הנדסיות ברמת כרטיס 
בדיקות הנדסיות ברמת מוצר 
עדכוני שרטוט 

דרישות התפקיד: 

5 שנות ניסיון בתפקיד דומה 
מהנדס חומרה או הנדסאי חומרה מנוסה 

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