Detailed Job expectations

· Develop Transition plans from R&D to Production
· Execute Transition plan while building Instrument frozen Master Record
· Support manufacturing department with building production line
· Support investigation in the event of customer complaint
· Support corrective actio

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Key Responsibilities: 

Leading NPI activity including all tests, qualifications, WI needed to
approve the new production line.
Perform validations and update procedures
Support production and solve ongoing technical problems.
Improve existing equipment and technology.
Design and build jigs/small p

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תאור התפקיד:

העברה מפיתוח לייצור הכוללת עבודה צמודה עם
מהנדסי המערכת בפיתוח - תכנון ג'יגים
ניהול תצורה - בניית תיקי מוצר ,עצי מוצר,
הגדרות תצורה (למשל מבנה מק"טים – מכירה, FG,
מכלולים, פריטים) משלב הפיתוח ואף לאחר
יציאת המוצר לשוק
בקרת תיעוד לרכיבים ומוצרים (למשל RoHS)
ניהול שינויים – ECO, FCO,

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Alexander Lipkovich

. Lead the transformation from development to production, including ECOs,
BOM, DFx and configuration control
. Manage and lead the introduction of new products to operations
. Collaborate with engineering and R&D to address systems/production process

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Senior Electronics Manufacturing Engineer

Responsibilities included:

Define and optimize the manufacturing process to reach maximum yield with
minimum production costs
Support production activities at company sites and subcontractors.
Build, fix and maintain production equipment, test benches, jigs, and tools
used for manufacturing or by

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· Compose RFQs / RFPs, work closely, and manage selected subcontractors,
locally and abroad. Including, e.g., molds and assembly machines vendors, as
well as manufacturers for the commercial devices
· Participate in the selection and qualification of new suppliers.

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Additional details:

Leading problem-solving and continuous improvement activities in the
production line
Developing and initiating standards and methods for inspection, testing, and
Guiding and coaching technicians in detecting, containing and solving
Managing engineering cha

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איש/אשת הנדסה

 לחברת הייטק בתחום התקשורת דרוש /ה אחראי /ת
איש הנדסה לתפקיד רחב ומשמעותי.
במסגרת התפקיד תידרש תמיכה בפרוייקטים
רוחביים מול כלל מחלקות החברה וקבלנים
חיצוניים בנושאי ניהול בקרת התצורה, הנדסת
רכיבים, אחריות לתיעוד המידע ההנדסי ובניית
תיק המוצר.
הנדסאי/ת/מהנדס אלקטרוניקה/ תעשייה וניהול -

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Position Summary:

We’re looking for a motivated team player to join the NPI team.
The team is handling all NPI stages and interfaces (R&D, sub-contractors, ink
production and
supply chain teams) till full production.

Roles and Responsibilities:

· Full Responsibly for couple of products: BOM, Pr

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Production & NPI Engineer

We are looking for new team members!
If you are a fast learner team player, with passion for technology come join
Production Engineer to lead technical activities at the Engineering

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Position Requirements  

B.Sc. in Optics, or Practical Engineer in Optics 
At least 2 years of practical hands-on experience with the following key

· Proven experience as Production Engineering / R...

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Project Leader, HW and Service

Job requirements

Bsc. in Electronics Engineering or Practical electronics engineer
At least 3 years of experience as a manufacturing engineer / transfer to
production engineer or Service Engineer at a medical device company;
Experienced in leading projects and processes;

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