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Support engineering correlations tasks
Manage the production test process from definition phase - DFX, up to
implementation in the production line
Stabilize, check production readiness
Implement test boundaries/limits to meet product quality requirements.
Record the test equip

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 לחברת הייטק בתחום התקשורת דרוש /ה אחראי /ת
איש הנדסה לתפקיד רחב ומשמעותי.
במסגרת התפקיד תידרש תמיכה בפרוייקטים
רוחביים מול כלל מחלקות החברה וקבלנים
חיצוניים בנושאי ניהול בקרת התצורה, הנדסת
רכיבים, אחריות לתיעוד המידע ההנדסי ובניית
תיק המוצר.
הנדסאי/ת/מהנדס אלקטרוניקה/ תעשייה וניהול -

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New Product Verification and Compliance Manager

• Lead a team of V&V engineers to support all design control and software,
hardware and system
verification testing activities for medical devices.
• Participate in design reviews and requirement reviews to develop thorough
test designs and test
cases for complete test coverage.
• Plan and strateg

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Product Engineering & NPI Engineer

The job holder’s duties and responsibilities include any of the following:
1. ECR and ECO preparation
2. Preparing and updating with R&D engineers  manufacturing procedures and

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Responsibly for product in order to meet specification, on time delivery and
quality during design-to-production while managing both the technical and
operational aspects.
The NPI engineer will create Engineering and Manufacturing documentation and
specifications, including implementing engineeri

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We are looking for an experienced Product/ NPI Engineer to be responsible for
engineering, configuration control and all ERP maintenance.
A successful candidate will have a proven knowledge of transferring from
design to production stages and the ability to manage and deeply understand

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