ניסיון של 3-5 שנים בתכנון, הקמה ותחזוקה של
מערכות IT
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ידע וניסיון בתחומים הבאים:
ניסיון חזק בתשתיות IT, ב-Networking
face="Times New Roman">, שרתי Windows/Linux ווירטואליזציה,
וכן ניסיון עם שרתי Cloud בדגש על AWS
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ידע והבנה בתקשורת ורשתות תקשורת כולל

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SW Infrastructure Engineer

• Responsible for OS installations and upgrades
• Possesses deep expertise in complex production operations involving
multiple applications, systems, processes and teams.
• Understands and contributes to the creation of system support documents,
operational run books, and build recipes for operati

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Required Experience:
5 years of hands-on experience managing Red Hat Linux with ITIL Service
Operations or Release, Control and Validation
3 years of hands-on experience managing enterprise storage systems (Hitachi,
EMC & NetApp) and SAN Switches (Brocade, Cisco)
3 years of hands-on experience wit

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איש /אשת גיבוי ואחסון לצוות תשתיות לינוקס

תיאור תפקיד
תחזוקת מערכות האחסון (SAN ו NAS)
הגדרה ואחריות על גיבויים, DR, מנגנוני
הגדרת גיבויים חדשים וטיפול בקיימים (Comvault)
השתלבות בצוות system האחראי על תשתיות אחסון ,
גיבוי ו-Storage.
דרישות התפקיד
היכרות מעמיקה (ברמת Admin) עם טכנולוגיות
אחסון (SAN ו NAS)
ניסיון של לפחות שנה ב

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What would you be doing?
Direct management of IT team in a global organization
Provide operational leadership across all IT services including: Service
Management, Service Desk, Infrastructure, Network & Security, Private/Public
Cloud and the remote operations centers
Provide leadership for IT I

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 We're looking for a brilliant, hardworking, and super nice IT Manager who
loves the IT world and has high service awareness and leadership skills
Key Responsibilities
Manage information technology and computer systems
Build the company IT role, from IT roadmap creation, project planning,

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ראש צוות תשתיות

​אחריות מלאה מקצה לקצה על כלל התשתיות.
אחריות על תחזוקה, ניהול, מענה לתקלות
ומימוש תהליכי גידול בכלל התשתיות.
מענה שוטף לצורכי צוותי הפיתוח השונים
לרבות אפיון ועיצוב תשתיות אפליקטיביות.
ניהול ממשקים מקצועיים אל מול גורמים שונים.
ניהול עובדי הצוות לרבות קביעת משימותיהם,
 בקרה על עבודתם ופיתוחם האי

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System Windows Administrator

התפקיד כולל:
⦁אחריות על ניהול תשתיות ארגוניות-Windows
Servers, Exchange , Active Directory, Vmware וכדומה.

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looking for candidates with strong technical and organizational skills to
work in a Network Operations Center.

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Senior System Administrator

manage the day-to-day operations of the company's IT infrastructure
Virtual environment (VMWARE)
Servers and operating systems
Network and security systems
Storage arrays
Enterprise applications
Manages the day-to-day operations of the host computers by monitoring system

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Experienced information technology system administrator

* Networking
face="Abyssinica SIL" size=3 color="#00000A">– experience with Routers,
Switches, AP, VPN appliances such as Fortigate
* Virtualization– experience with managing one of the following ESXI, Xen,
* Configuring office appliances such as: Printers, Scanners, and

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Production IT Networking Engineer

The Production Networking and Security Administrator will be a part of our
company's Technologies Production IT Team and will report to Director of
Production IT.
As part of his role, the production networking and security administrator is
expected to manage, maintain and support company’s prod

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שיווק ומכירות

Senior Administrator, Release Engineering

This role is primarily responsible for windows software builds and releases,
which includes the design, development, support of builds, scripts,
installation procedures, and supporting systems such as source code control
and issue tracking.  
This role will also help support Linux.

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The IT Manager will lead the IT support across all aspects of the business
including full hands-on support and maintaining the offices’
infrastructure, Helpdesk and support for employees globaly, deploy, configure
and maintain new and existing systems.
As we continue to grow rapidl

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Main responsibilities:
Design and implement the next generation of our IT infrastructure
Work closely with DevOps and SecOps teams to implement integration of local
IT and production components
Support, maintain and improve IT infrastructure (wired and wireless networks,
VPN, Hybrid AD, Office 3

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