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Content writer with a passion for advanced technology?! This is your chance
to get in on the ground floor of our journey to the top of AI-driven
marketing tech!
The company was founded with excellent funding to develop a groundbreaking
B2C marketing platform for consumer brands.

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Job responsibilities:
- Manage a team of user acquisition managers in a variety of mobile ad
networks and platforms
- Set clear team goals, supervise
- Delegate tasks and set deadlines
- Oversee day-to-day operation
- Monitor team performance and report on metrics
- Analyze key performance indicato

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The brand is a leading VC backed food-tech company, based in Israel, and we
are recruiting a Global Marketing Manager to develop and execute a best in
class launch strategy for our unique sugar brand that will drive awareness
and trial among food companies and consumers.

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 What you’ll do
 • Build and own the marketing department from scratch.
 • Develop and implement a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand
 • Generate leads for the Business Development team through online and
offline marketing efforts.
 • Understand the customer lifecycle in orde

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Marketing & Sale Assistant

מרכיבי התפקיד:

 מרכז/ת  יחד עם מנכ"ל החברה את  תהליך
השיווק והמכירה בהתאם לצרכי החברה מול
לקוחות הקיימים ופוטנציאילים.

 קשר שוטף עם לקוחות החברה וקישורם עם
הגורמים ההנדסים הרלוונטים

 אחראי/ת על הגשת בקשות להיתרי יצוא למוצרי
החברה מחוץ לישראל באגף לפיקוח יצוא במשרד

 מגיש/ה הצעות מ

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Product Marketing Group Manager

We are looking for a top global leader, manufacturing smart energy solutions.
The company's broad range of products encompasses intelligent inverter and
storage systems & revolutionary EV charger; by doing that, we are changing
the way electricity is being produced and consumed around the world...

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