3+ years of experience as a Marketing analyst, with emphasis on Paid traffic,
attribution models, data visibility, and multi-channel analysis.
Excellent hands-on SQL skills - A must.
Highly business-oriented.
Excellent analytical skills and problem-solving mindset.
Experience with BI

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In this position you will be responsible for deal flow generation, pipeline
management, ongoing business development and marketing.

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Job responsibilities:

Manage a team of 3-4 experienced data analysts, set priorities and translate
business questions into appropriate analytical tasks that will support
strategic and tactical business decisions
Develop a strong and effective working relationship with the marketing

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Hard skills:
• Minimum 2+ years as a media buyer/ affiliate manager/PPC Manager - a must
 • Fluent English - written and spoken - a must, Mother tongue -
Significant advantage
 • Other language - an advantage
 • Proven, measurable results in developing and growing an internal
affiliate portfolio

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