Senior VLSI Architect

This job requires a collaboration with multiple engineering teams in various
geographical locations to define requirements, interfaces, 
interaction between SW and HW blocks, performance analysis, and more.
Minimum Qualifications:
Knowledge and experience in high-speed interfaces, such as PCIe, Sto

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Join our Vision / AI Architecture team, leading next generation AI
Accelerator Solutions addressing mobile and other applications, as well as
other emerging Vision engines integrated in the mobile Exynos SoC 
What will you do? 
As a Chip Architect, your responsibilities include, but may not be lim

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 Job Description  

    the architecture of a VLSI products for communication in the
    and Professional Audio/Video market.

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Senior Product Engineer

• IC Test development
• Data collection and data analysis
• Production control, yield enhancement and test time reduction
• IC failure analysis and debugging
• IC product reliability design execution and control
• Test/HW design and debug
• Leading and managing sub-contractors

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תחומי אחריות:
קבלת דרישות מערכת והמרתן למסמכי דרישה
ותכנון של צוות ה RTL דיזיין
בדיקת היתכנות מהירה של תכנונים ויצירת POC
כתיבת מפרטי ארכיטקטורה ומיקרו ארכיטקטורה
לצוות הדיזיין.
קריאת מסמכים ותקנים ותרגומם לתוכנית
פעולה/ דרישות
דרישות התפקיד:
נסיון של 8 שנים ב דיזיין ו ב Chip architecture

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· BSc. in Electrical Engineering (from known university)
· Minimum 8 years of experience – Must!
Must have extensive experience in:
· Logic design project leader or chip architect
· Hands on RTL design with Verilog or System Verilog
· Micro architecture definition in CPU/DSP...

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