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רכיבים ומדידים אנאלוגיים
High Speed (DDR, PCI, ETH, LVDS וכו')
שרשראות RF קליטה ושידור.
פילטרים ומגברים

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עבודת Hands On בתכנון מעגלים
ליווי עריכה
בניה ו

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Minimum qualifications:
At least one year to graduate Electrical Engineering degree
An understanding of wireless system architecture and products.
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Hard worker, curious and creative
Strong technical, planning, and communication skills.
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The job involves handling various cutting-edge technologies including image
processing, cameras, Illumination, motion and system supporting functions in
a multi-disciplinary environment.
What your job will look like
Integration into an electronics group in the challenging and exciting

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System Validation Team Leader

Experienced System Validation Team Leader, with a board-design background.
The position includes leading a team of SW and HW Engineers, developing
automated testing code & tools, and designing boards.
HW Engineer with significant experience in board design
Knowledge and experi

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• Lead research and feasibility study for new products and future design
• Lead the design and verification from simulations to lab.
• Work closely with the Marketing, System and digital designer teams to
ensure correct implementation.
• Technical mentor to the ana

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Digital Design Engineer

What will you do?
Work with cross-functional teams to develop hardware architecture for next
generation systems.
Design, implement, debug and characterize embedded systems.
Lead new design concepts through exploration, prototyping, development, and
into mass production.
Collaborate with other team

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Job Description
Design and development of complex digital boards for Motion Control
Develop complex FPGA applications using VHDL or other advanced tools
Participate in the architecture design of future applications and
Support existing designs, implement chang

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מהנדס פיתוח חומרה

התפקיד כולל:• איפיון מערכת/כרטיס חומרה
וכתיבת מפרט דרישות חומרה.• פיתוח
מערכת/כרטיס חומרה (שירטוט ב Orcad)• תמיכה
בעריכת מעגלים.• ביצוע אינטגרציה והתאמות
בין הממשקים/כרטיסים• בדיקת אבי
הטיפוס• בדיקות תנאי סביבה למערכת/כרטיס
במעבדות חיצוניות• העברה מפיתוח לייצור.
דרישות התפקיד:• חמש שנות ניסיון

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מהנדס פיתוח חומרה דיגיטלית מנוסה

 לחברת הייטק צעירה ודינאמית העוסקת בפיתוח
חומרה, דרוש/ה הנדסאי/מהנדס חומרה.
 1.נסיון מוכח של 5-7 שנים לפחות בפיתוח חומרה
(Board Design) – חובה!
 2.נסיון פיתוח מעגלים עם ממשקים מהירים:
DDR3/4, PCIe, SATA, Ethernet 10G וכו’...
 3.נסיון בעבודה עם כלי סימולציה SI/PI –
 4.היכרות מעמ

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Hardware Engineer
University graduate- BSc. Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering-
Professional Experience
1. At least 5 years’ experience.
2. Experience in board design with the following technologies
a. Embedded Processors/Network Processors
b. High speed Transceivers....

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Job Description:
A well-established, young company, developing an autonomous air vehicle (not
a drone) for the civil market, is looking for an electronic Engineer, to
participate in development of a unique system.

Participate in design & development & integration of an end to

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As part of your role you will:
Integrate HW and SW for high end AI systems
Bring up new chips/systems tests in production line and lab
Support system production line in the east
Define and run chip and system validation test plans in lab and in system
production line
Write automation for testing in

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משרה זו הורדה מהאתר
5+ years of experience with HW design and development: HW architecture, Board
and systems design, requirements for PCB layout, manufacturing, assembly,
debugging, tests, HW and system validation , HW-SW integration and release
for production.
Experience with electronics, telecom o

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Expert Field Application Engineer

Responsible for providing system solutions to strategic customers of the
company, in the development stage of high volume opportunities, incorporating
the company Analog products portfolio.
Provide technical support to selected customers by identifying the customer
technical needs, to improve str

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Experienced Electrical Engineer

Main Responsibilities:
• Leading projects in the field of electrical design from idea to
• Design and development of mixed- digital/analog electronic PCBs for
signal and image processing
• Responsibility for Analog circuit design - low noise pre-amplifier
• Working in corpora

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