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ניסיון של 8 שנים לפחות בפיתוח פרויקט הכולל:

   Xilinx UltraScale FPGA board ,

החל משלב התכנון ועד בדיקות מוצר - חובה

4 שנות עבודה לפחות עם:


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עבודת Hands On בקידוד 85% מהמשרה

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לפחות 5 שנים ניסיון רלוונטי בתחום
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FPGA Design Engineer

In this role you will be required for:
All aspects of FPGA design activity: Coding, Synthesizing, verification
support and LAB bring up.
Participate in System definitions for current and next generation products.
Collaborate with other teams: SW, QA, and Radio ASIC.

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דרישות המשרה:
 לפחות 5 שנים ניסיון בפיתוח FPGA עם רכיבי Xilinx
או Altera
 ניסיון ב- Verilog RTL
 ניסיון בתכנון שכולל סינתזה, Place & Route, Timing
 ניסיון במתודולוגיות פיתוח, סימולציית RTL,
סימולציה ברמת Gate-Level, נסיון ב – V&V
 ניסיון בפיתוח FPGA ( Glue Logic)
 ניסיון Hands-On בכלי

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FPGA Engineer FPGA Engineer

Job Description
You will be responsible for developing and bringing up an FPGA platform
prototyping the company’s IP.

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First or Second degree in EE, CE or equivalent
At least 5 years of experience in RTL logic design
Experience with Xilinx - Advantage
Experience & Knowledge with System Verilog - Strong Advantage
Knowledge in synthesis and timing analysis - Advantage
Experience in multi clock and high f

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Hardware Designer & Micro-Architect

Job Description:
Design AI modules for high-speed neural network training and be a Focal point
between AI research team and hardware designers.
See the “big picture” - Translate high-level architecture schemes into
design tasks.
Identify and solve performance bottlenecks

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Job description:
 We are looking for expert FPGA designer for a 5G product development in a
dynamic multi-disciplinary environment.
Job includes involvement in development of a 5G modem; board control logic
and hi-speed interconnect in a multiprocessor topology.
Job may also include integration an

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Familiarity with FPGA technology, systems integration and embedded systems
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Excellent understanding of FPGA architecture and design development flows.
Experience of at least 3 years in FPGA R&D.
Excellent communication skills, team worker and ability

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Proficient in Verilog RTL language.
Experienced with large FPGA development on Altera or Xilinx devices.
Very familiar with Altera's or Xilinx's build flow including design entry in
Verilog, synthesis, place and route, timing constraints and timing closure.
Hands on with lab FPGA debug methodologie

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Perform high level design of FPGA modules and FPGA features
Write and update design specs for FPGA module/features and present them in
design reviews
Write Verilog code for FPGA modules and FPGA features
Work with the verification team for defining verification tests
Work with the

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