Senior Networking Software Engineer

Job Description:
looking for an experienced, knowledgeable Senior Networking Software Engineer
who will be responsible for design and development of data plane SW for a
large-scale distributed networking system.
The engineer will be responsible for driving highly scalable design and work

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Senior Machine Learning/NLP Engineer

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Technical Support- Tire 4

Roles and responsibilities
Become an expert in our product suite and working hands-on with Microsoft
technologies (SharePoint, Office 365), Goggle technologies (GSuite),
Salesforce, Box and Dropbox.
 Supporting our customers by providing solutions that resolve technical
issues in the integratio

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ניסיון של למעלה משלוש שנים בניהול סביבות
שרתי לינוקס
ניסיון של למעלה משנה עם Amazon AWS
כישורי למיד
face="Times New Roman" size=3 color="#44546A">ת
face="Times New Roman" size=3> טכנולוגיות חדשות וקיימות
ניסיון עם סקריפטים של BASH
ידע בתחום הרשת ושירותי הרשת הסטנדרטיים
יכולת לפתור בעיות ויכולת עבוד

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Sales Development Representative

Minimum 1 years of outbound and inbound sales experience
Clear and polished written communication skills
Excellent speaking/ listening skills and ability to engage prospects over the
Fearless attitude and hunter mentality - willing to take intelligent risks
Strategic planning ab

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At least 4 years’ experience in ISP/networking Support/QA position
At least 4 years’ experience in network design
Deep knowledge in routing protocols like: ISIS, BGP, OSPF, Multicast/PIM,
Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant Technical field or combination of
experience an

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בדיקות תוכנה
We specialize in predicting global events around the world prior to their
happening, using Artificial Intelligence, statistical models along with
internal tools.
As a QA Automation Engineer you will be Working side by side with the
Development and Product teams and will have a key role with the

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BSC degree in computer science or equivalent experience
At least 5 years’ software development experience
Extensive experience with Java 8 and above
Team player attitude with a willingness to lead when necessary
A passion for solving problems and providing workable solutions

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Front End Developer

לחברת ביטחונית העוסקת בתחום המודיעין
(סייבר התקפי) דרוש מפתח Full Stack להצטרף לצוות
הפיתוח. העבודה כוללת פיתוח מערכות מודיעין,
פיצ׳רים למערכות קיימות ועבודה בצוות הכולל
בתוכו אנשי מחקר, פיתוח חומרה ותוכנה.
המשרה כוללת עבודה על מרכזי השליטה של מוצרי
החברה, אפליקציות לשליטה במערכות וניתוח...

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You will:
Prospect into large-sized companies while managing an efficient sales process
Negotiate favorable pricing and business terms with large commercial
enterprises by selling value and ROI
Demonstrate resourcefulness when faced with challenges that defy easy
Have an intuitive sense o

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VP Projects/ PS
You'll have the ability to set an inspirational vision and establish clear
objectives, goals, and milestones for the company's customer success

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מסגרת התפקיד:
 התפקיד כולל פיתוח כרטיסים אנלוגיים
ודיגיטאליים מתקדמים משלב ההגדרות, פיתוח,
בנייה ובדיקת אבי טיפוס של מעגלים
סופיים.ועד שלב הבדיקות והתקינה לכרטיס.
 ליווי מוצרים בבדיקות תאימות
אלקטרומגנטית, בטיחות, בדיקות סביבתיות
ותרמיות, בדיקות.
 תואר ראשון בהנדסת חשמל ואלקטרוניקה

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Senior Test Engineer

Learning the product, define the testing need to be developed
Design the load board
DFT for testing together with the design team
Preparing the setup for the chip before arrive to testing
Daily follow up of Low yield and setup fails
Support engineering lots and data collection

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Data Networking Expert

Position Description
The focus of this position is to install, validate and test new data
networking technologies (such as SD-WAN, virtual firewall) into our products.
The data networking Engineer is responsible to integrate and test various
solutions from different vendors; generate quick guide d

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Senior Algorithms Researcher

Position Summary
We are looking for Senior Algorithms Researcher that will be in charge of
researching and developing algorithmic pipeline across various system levels,
from raw data processing, through features engineering for machine learning,
deep learning, statistical assessment and optimizat

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