C++ Software Developer

 C++ Software Developer
 • Design and develop game changing security products for the enterprise
 • Set the standards for the security level organizations implement in
their cyber sphere
 • Build a security application that gives real meaning to ‘applied
security’ and

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משאבי אנוש

מגייס/ת במשרה חלקית

לחברת תקשורת באיזור השרון דרוש/ה רכז/ת
גיוס כחלק מצוות בשעות גמישות.
התפקיד כולל:
ניהול תהליכי גיוס E2E החל מקבלת דרישות
ממנהלים, סינון קורות החיים, ביצוע ראיונות
טלפונים וביצוע סורסינג ברשתות חברתיות.
נדרש ניסיון של לפחות שנה בתחום הגיוס.
ניסיון מארגון - יתרון.
יכולת עבודה בצוות.
ראש גדול.

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FS Software Engineer

Position Requirements:
Minimum Job requirements
- proven experience with agile processes and tooling (JIRA, git)
- above 5 years of experience in SaaS companies as a full stack engineer -
both server and client design and coding
- client tech - javascript/typescript, react & jquery, browser differe

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Taking a central part in leading challenging DevOps projects.
Exploring and integrating new solutions for various infrastructure-related
Configuring and managing tools and infrastructure for fast and reliable
deployment process.
Requirements :
At least 3 years of experience

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Manage Cloud based Environments to ensure systems high availability.
Build and maintain pipelines for CI/CD.
Supports Development and Productions systems.
Deploy and manage automated systems.
Design and implement infrastructure automation for new or existing

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In this position you will:
Develop and implement customer specific business requirements and new
features, aligned with agreed coding standards and existing object-oriented
architecture of the R10 platform, following the test-driven principles and
utilizing .Net programming tools and best develop

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Position description:
Development of the RT embedded firmware for various functionalities of the
comany multipurpose measurement products.
BSc from recognized Academic organization (must).
At least 3 years of experience in development of embedded software (must)
Vast experience in C /

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The Position
Being in the early stages of our team build, we are looking for a top
qualified talent to join us and be a key member in our developing company.
As such, you will have the opportunity to lead our digital development effort
& take a major role in technology assessments, architecture de

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בדיקות תוכנה
Working closely with our engineering teams to understand business
requirements .
Identifying, reporting, documenting and tracking defect/bug issues.

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Excellent graduate of Bsc in Electrical/Computers engineering
Experience in development  in C language
Knowledge in signal processing – significant advantage
Knowledge in Voice over IP – advantage

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Linux Embedded Developer

Desired Background
Strong C++ development skills
Proven aptitude for BSP development such as board bring up, enhancement of
existing software and performance tuning.
Significant experience in Linux-based software designs
Significant experience in software development for ARM based systems

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מהנדס/ת הבטחת איכות

לחברת מכשור רפואי בחדרה דרוש מהנדס הבטחת
איכות. במסגרת התפקיד תלונות לקוח, טיפול
בחריגים וכשלים, איכות ספקים, שינויים,
נהלים ,אישור תהליכי יצור.

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מוצר ופרויקטים

Senior Product Manager

Key Responsibilities
• Drive product development through business requirements, design,
implementation, and release.
• Define and manage product roadmap.
• Build the roadmap for a highly scalable engineering solution that can
scale with business needs and execute on that roadmap.
• Author document

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מפתח/ת Devops בעל /ת סיווג בטחוני בתוקף

1.Responsible for tools Within the project Services
2.Define and develop Basic CI/CD Pipelines
3.Develop and maintian database migrations processes
4.Advicing agile developing within the teams
5.Managing and developing the monitoring system of the projects.
Required Skills:

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Clinical Research Associate

Clinical research associated needs to ensure absolute adherence to Good
Clinical Practice (GLP) in accordance with ICH standards or and VICH,
Declaration of Helsinki, Federal Regulatory Requirements and study
Clinical research associated will work, and be in closed collaboration to

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