בדיקות תוכנה
● We are looking for somebody who is methodical, independent, and who is at
with using different software systems.
● Ability to take extreme ownership of your work.
● Ability to create and maintain continuous integration and delivery of
React Native
● English Skills

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טכנאי תמיכה טכנית

TIER 1 or TIER 2   אנו מחפשים אחר טכנאים /ות
לתמיכה בלקוחות העסקיים של החברה.
כטכנאי /ת תמיכה טכני את /ה תשתמש בטלפון,
ווצאפ ומיילים בתמיכה בלקוחות החברה.
כטכנאי /ת תמיכה טכני תצטרך /י לדעת לינוקס
ורשתות ברמה טובה.
כטכנאי /ת תמיכה טכני תצטרך /י לדעת להתנהל
בשפה האנגלית - קריאה, כתיבה ודיבור.

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Fullstack Developer

Desired Skills and Experience
• 3 years of software developmet in Agile environment
• 5 years proven experience with hands-on backend development with Node.js
• 5 years with NoSQL – Cassandra, MongoDB – At least one mandatory.
• 2 years in designing and coding microservices-based solutions for the

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Hands-on software engineering experience with proven AI/ML knowledge
Excellent coding skills, with an appreciation for elegant and clean code in
several languages and
technologies (R, python, linux)
Keen interest in biology, chemistry, bioinformatics and the various
computational challenges
they p

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Senior Full Stack Engineer

We’re building a new infrastructure team in Israel and we’re looking for
amazing engineers to join the team.
The position is temporary- for 6 months.
•         Design and develop innovative solutions in a
microservices and event-driven ecosystem.
•         Have a strong eye for o

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Job Requirements
* Advanced degree (MS, PhD) in Life Sciences with a minimum of 3 years
industry experience in Project             
    Management – matrix management of functional units/activities
throughout project life cycle  
*  Industry experience in therapeutic antibody R&D and knowledge in

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A medical device company operating in the field of Ophthalmology is seeking
to hire an Regulation Manager to join our V&V and R&D activities.
Responsible for all aspects of medical device product development from
concept to manufacturing
In charge of all elements of design control and documentat

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5-6 שנות נסיון בתעשיה לפחות.
נסיון רב ב C++ - חובה. לפחות שנתיים-שלוש ב
full time
זיקה לעולם המתמטיקה התלת מימדית:
גרפיקה / פיזיקה/ פיתוח משחקי מחשב תלת
מימדיים וכו'....
זיקה טכנולוגית חזקה – נסיון
מולטידיספלינרי (התעסק/ה בהרבה תחומים
שונים) – יתרון משמעותי...

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Lab Supervisor: responsible for all the equipment and activity in the lab
including test equipment and products
Perform hardware tests on high speed cards.

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משאבי אנוש
PA & HR Coordinator – Replacement for Maternity Leave- Possibility for a
permanent replacement
This position is the right-hand to our Chief People Officer in our Jerusalem

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Security Embedded Engineer in Asm-Compilers area

Security Embedded Engineer in Asm-Compilers area
Key Responsibilities:
Research, debug and analyze complex technological challenges related to
cutting-edge cyber security solutions that protect against common attacks on
the assembly level
Opportunity to join a project at its early development st

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מוביל פיתוח סימולציות VR

1. נסיון ב Unity3D בסביבת VR – יתרון משמעותי.
2. נסיון בשפות תכנות נוספות, עדיפות ל C++
3. נסיון בעבודה מול חומרה כלשהי שפותחה
באופן ייעודי: בקרי embedded, ציוד היקפי וכו'...
4. נסיון בפיתוח אפליקציות מרובות משתתפים –
יתרון משמעותי.

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Job description & key responsibilities:
  Design, build and maintain optimal data pipeline architecture for optimal
extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data
sources, including external APIs, data streams, and data stores.
  Create cloud data lake architecture usi

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If you have excellent English, are used to working in a high paced and
dynamic environment and wish to make an impact both in Israel and
internationally your place is with us!!!

* Relevant Experience
•BA Degree- strongly preferred.
•**Fluent in written and spoken English & Hebrew- a

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בדיקות תוכנה
Job Responsibilities
● Work as a member of the QA team - design, write and perform manual and
automated tests
● Own features of the product and perform all aspects of the QA process on
those features.
● Deployment of new features and services into production
● Adhere to agile techniques of develop

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