Linux DevOps Engineer/System Administrator


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Job Description:
• Responsible for Installing operating systems (primarily Linux Ubuntu or Fedora) and software packages
• Responsible for internal user administration
• Support field service representatives
• Working with Unix automation tools, such as Jenkins

Job Requirements:
• Job skills:
At least two years' experience in all of the following:
o Installing and maintaining at least two different Linux distributions (such as Fedora and Ubuntu)
o Ability to work comfortably using vi, emacs or similar non-graphic editor that has regular expression Support
o Experience maintaining configuration files for QEMU-KVM, Apache, nginx, Postfix, SSH, VNC, and similar services
o Programming ability in Bash and one other scripting language (such as Perl, Python, Lua, Javascript or similar)
o Basic understanding of the Linux boot process, process table, proc and sys file systems
o Experience working in virtualized environments, such as VMWare
o Install and setup the Eclipse IDE for Linux

• Education: Bachelor degree (at least)
• Language skills: Fluent English - writing and verbal.

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