IT Manager


תאריך עדכון


תיאור המשרה


1. Responsible for network implementation and maintenance in Region of responsibility, including WAN/LAN/Voice solution design, network equipment configuration and deployment, cabling, network system troubleshooting and status check-up 

2. Responsible for IT infrastructure construction and maintenance, including IT server room, video conference system, ACS, CCTV, UPS etc. 

3. Responsible for daily IT operations and Helpdesk support to ensure IT satisfaction. Including team management, IT service incident management, availability management, capacity management, continuity management, user training etc. 

4. Supplier management, including IT technical SOW output, service negotiations, supervision of engineering work and maintenance services 

Knowledge and skills:  

1) Proficient in TCP/IP technologies.

2) Familiar with WAN technologies, knows corporate-level network architecture, knows data communications such as Frame Relay, PPP and MPLS. Proficient in routing protocols and configurations, such as BGP, OSPF etc. Familiar with Huawei routers is preferred. 

3) Familiar with LAN technologies, knows building-level LAN architecture. Proficient in common LAN protocols and configurations, such as VLAN, STP etc.  

4) Skillful in Firewalls, network separation, physical and logical security. 

5) Skillful in VM (VMware, KVM, etc.) technologies, setup, maintenance and operation. 

6) Familiar with public and private cloud operation. 

7) High level of knowledge of different Linux flavors and Linux based solutions (Web, DNS, DHCP, MySQL, etc.), including but not limited to: setup, configuration, installation, scripting, maintenance, problem troubleshooting, clusters… 

8) Skillful with backup solutions 

9) High level of server, workstation and NAS/SAN hardware configuration of different vendors (Dell, HP, Supermicro, etc.). 

10) Familiar with Windows server systems, such as AD (Active Directory), DNS, DHCP, Web server, SQL server etc. Proficient in server troubleshooting and maintenance. Knows disk arrays, SAN/NAS storage etc. 

11) Skillful in IT infrastructure items, such as server room facilities, structure cabling system, UPS, door access control/CCTV, air conditioning etc. 

12) Skillful in laptop/desktop, OS, office software troubleshooting and maintenance.  

  Competencies required: Bachelor or above degree 

Specialization: Major in computer or information related technologies 

Work experience: 10 years or more in related fields 

Language Skills: highly proficient in spoken and written English

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