תאריך עדכון


תיאור המשרה

Helpdesk professional (including backup, user account management, e-mail system, internet access, office systems and applications support).
Supports network and desktop hardware, laptop, smart phones, software and applications.
Provide users with tier 1, tier 2 support.

• Must - At least 3 years of experience as a helpdesk technician
• Must - experience as PC technician
• Must - 3 years of experience working with Microsoft operating systems, office
• Must – at least 2 years of experience working with Active Directory and Exchange.
• Must – at least 2 years of experience working smart phone implementation and support (corporate application, MDM, encryption).
• Must – Excellent English

• Advantage - Working in a global company
• Advantage - experience working with Linux and Mac OS
• Advantage – experience working with virtualization platforms
• Advantage - experience working with network devices

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