DevOps Engineer


תאריך עדכון


תיאור המשרה

 Thorough, clear, concise documentation of new and existing standards, procedures, and automated workflows

 Championing of best practices and standards around infrastructure configuration and management

 Experience in creating internal products and managing their software development lifecycle

 Deployment, configuration, and management of infrastructure via infrastructure as code

 Working hands on with cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, and GCP)

 Working hands on with container infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, GKE, GAE, etc.)

 Configuration and management of Linux based tools and third-party cloud services

 Continuous improvement of our infrastructure, ensuring that it is highly available and observable


 Solid foundation of experience managing Linux systems in virtual environments (6+ years)

 Deploying and maintaining highly available infrastructure in one or more Cloud providers (5+ years, AWS or GCP preferred)

 Infrastructure as code using Terraform (4+ years)

 Creating, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting Docker images (4+ years)

 Scoping, deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters (4+ years)

 Developing and maintaining an active codebase in Go, Python preferably (3+ years)

 Experience with PaaS technologies (5+ years, EKS and GKE preferred)

 Maintaining monitoring and observability tools (Datadog, Prometheus preferred)

 Thorough understanding of network infrastructure and concepts (VPNs, routers and routing protocols, TCP/IP, IPv4 and v6, UDP, OSI layers, etc.)

 Experience with load balancing and proxy technologies (Istio, Nginx, HAProxy, Apache, Cloud load balancers, etc.)

 Debugging and troubleshooting complex problems in cloud-native infrastructure.

 Slacknative mentality.

Abilities Required

 Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies quickly and independently

 Strong technical, organizational and interpersonal skills

 Strong written and verbal communication skills

 Must be able to read, understand, and communicate complex problems and solutions in English over a textual medium (such as Slack)

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