DevOps Engineer


תאריך עדכון


תיאור המשרה

As part of the DevOps team you will:

• Own and deploy new and existing features through our CI/CD system over several environments.. 

• Come up with ways to improve our delivery time such as by adding automation

• Monitor our services through datadog, Prometheus and graphene

• Configure the kubernetes platform to support our wild scales

• Assist developers in deploying new features to our cloud solution.

• Research potential tools and methodologies to be later adopted by other operation teams in the company

• Be a focal point for on-prem and cloud solutions based on company needs.



• Proven ability to self learn - a must

• +2 years working with micro-services running on docker containers - a must

• +1 years of work experience with AWS - a must

• Working experience with Linux - a must

• Good English skills - a must

• Proactive attitude and problem-solving skills - a must

• DevOps course graduate - strong advantage

• Experience with DBs such as mongoDB and postresSQL - strong advantage

• Good Familiarity with Jenkins and Bamboo - strong advantage

• Work experience with Kubernetes platform esp. on production env - strong advantage

• Familiarity with Scripting language knowledge (bash/python...) - strong advantage

• Experience with Observability tools and platforms such as: Grafana, prometheus and Datadog - strong advantage

• Experience with CI/CD tools such as github actions - strong advantage

• Good understanding of computer networks concepts, protocols and troubleshooting - advantage

• Experience with messaging platforms such as rabbit - advantage

• Familiarity with gitops methodologies - advantage

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