DevOps Engineer


תאריך עדכון


תיאור המשרה


Continuous improvement of our infrastructure to be more secure, scalable, and robust

Working closely with each team in our R&D department

Apply new technologies for both internal and external services 

Design, Build and Maintain CI/CD pipelines

Architecture planning for cloud-based solutions 


At least 3 years of hands-on experience with Container Orchestration Solutions

Hands-on experience in production environments - Must

Deep knowledge in networking, TCP/IP protocols, FW management- Must

DB management - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis - Must

Knowledge and experience with cloud vendors such as GCP/AWS/Azure- Must

Deep understanding of containerizing solutions - Must

Deep knowledge in Kubernetes concepts - Must 

Experience with CI/CD tools such as Github Actions, Jenkins, Drone CI, Gitlab - Must

Experience with MicroServices Architecture - Must

Programming/Scripting skills - Python, Bash - Must, Golang - Advantage 

Experience with Terraform or other provisioning tools - Must

Experience with Configuration Management tools such as Ansible - Must

Hands-on experience with Distributed Storage Solutions - Advantage 

Experience with High scale environments - Advantage

Experience with Multi-Cluster environments - Advantage 

Architecture planning abilities - Advantage

Development of Kubernetes Operators - Advantage

High Documentation skills - Advantage

System/IT experience - Advantage

Experience with operation of 24/7 Highly available production systems - Advantage

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