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Position Overview: Our team is growing and currently looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our winning team. We’re a young startup working on a solution that generates high quality synthetic data, to empower Dev, QA, and data science/AI teams, to improve efficiency and increase productivity while achieving ‘faster time to value’, without the risk of breaching any privacy regulations.
We put massive investments into cutting edge technologies and are looking for an Engineer that can play a key role in helping to turn the vision into a reality. In this role, you’ll assist with automating and streamlining operations and development processes. You’ll build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring, and operations while working with a knowledgeable, long-tenured team of Engineers and experienced entrepreneurs.
    • Configure technical tools and write scripts to advance automation for CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) pipeline, which minimizes coding errors and facilitates rapid deployment of higher-quality products. face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Onboarding customer-specific configurations, Integrations, and business requirements for new and existing customers. face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Use tools to automate testing in the CI/CD Pipeline.
    • Research and help implement automation and integration of best practices.
    • Serve as a liaison with development teams to successfully identify software development best practices and help to implement them. face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Design and build reusable, repeatable toolsets, components, and modules face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">.
    • Take part in the ongoing standardization and documentation of various policies and procedures.
    • 5+ face="Times New Roman" size=2 color="#2D2D2D"> years of professional experience in a DevOps role working with cloud infrastructure face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Experience using git version control in shared team repositories and workflows.
    • Expert level experience with Kubernetes. face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Proven experience in configuring and maintaining cloud infrastructures – Azure (preferred) / GCP / AWS face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">.
    • Proven experience in building CI/CD pipeline face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">.
    • Strong communication and organization skills face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">.
    • Great troubleshooting and problem-solving skills face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">.
    • Excellent english oral and written communication skills.
    • Strong face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">s size=2 color="#2D2D2D">ystems color="#2D2D2D">a color="#2D2D2D">rchitecture background - Infrastructure, OS - Windows/Linux/others, Networking, Data Storage, Backup, DR Solutions, etc
    • Understanding of face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">application face="Times New Roman" size=2 color="#2D2D2D"> deployment/configuration processes face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">.
Preferred Skills - Any/All of the following:
    • Proficiency with one or multiple development languages eg: Python, Node, Ruby, Java, Go face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Scripting & Infrastructure automation skills - Python, Bash, ZSH, etc. face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Configuration Management / System Automation - Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Config Engine, Vagrant, etc face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
    • Containers & Orchestration face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D"> - face="Times New Roman" size=2 color="#2D2D2D">Kubernetes face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D"> (must), face="Times New Roman" size=2 color="#2D2D2D">Docker, Istio, Helm face=Helvetica size=2 color="#2D2D2D">, kustomize.
    • Infrastructure provisioning - Terraform, CloudFormation, Cloud Foundry, others.
    • Experience maintaining and scaling database applications face=Arial size=2 color="#2D2D2D">
(Advantage) Experience with Big Data architectures and technology including the Apache stack (Hadoop, Pig, Hive, H-base, Spark, Kafka), Elasticsearch and other Big Data platforms
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