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The Role:
We are looking for a DevOps engineer who will be responsible for building and maintaining our development, test, staging and production servers. As a DevOps engineer you’ll be a part of our development team and you can analyze and help us improve our services and processes to get us to a higher level of availability, scalability, and reliability.

Automate everything
Continuously improve our visibility into our systems and applications with advanced monitoring, metrics and log analytics
Identify root causes on critical problems throughout the platform, and take necessary steps to resolve them
Build and deploy tools to ensure the health and reliability of the our platform
Help build our product release workflow and continuous delivery system

Strong background in Linux administration (familiar with *NIX systems, git, and sys admin tools)
Experience working with configuration management like Cloudwatch, Chef, Puppet or Ansible
Experience working with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
Knowledgeable in AWS, Jenkins, Capistrano, Docker and other deployment tools
Proficient with monitoring tools like Reimann, Graphite, Monit or Ganglia
Proficiency with at least one scripting language, preferably Ruby

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