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Cybersecurity Services Director

In this role, you will: 

1. Plan, lead and manage the cybersecurity services portfolio, methodologies, and best practices for securing rail operational environments. 

• Build and lead a strong capable delivery of cybersecurity experts, that will execute a variety of cybersecurity services, such as: Cybersecurity policies and procedures, cyber risk assessments, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, training, SIEM/SOC related services, incident response, secure design, and other services for rail operators.

• Own the professional aspects of a service opportunity, from the initial discussions with clients and partners, to supporting the sales process in pricing and proposals, providing all necessary services materials, developing the service technical contents and methodologies.

• Serve as a trusted advisor of cybersecurity services, acting as the services professional leader, the primary point of contact with clients during engagements, leading the delivery team and responsible for the entire projects’ delivery to clients.

• Handle, manage and own the delivery of multiple projects with broad scope, ambiguity, and high degree of difficulty.


1. At least 7 years of experience in cybersecurity, advantage to experience in developing cybersecurity services methodologies and cybersecurity services related to clients’ infrastructure with deep professionality. 

2. Experience as a leader in the cybersecurity domain, with a vision and strategy to develop the services portfolio, and establish a delivery team. 

3. 4+ years experience in leading a team of Cybersecurity experts

4. Great ability to understand the client’s needs and develop a professional presentation that will speak to his needs.

5. Excellent interpersonal skills including representativeness in front of clients 

6. Great communication skills, including presentation skills to both C-level and technical personnel

7. Ability to understand clients during meetings and adapt the professional presentation accordingly.

8. Experience in leading the following cybersecurity services on IT/OT environments:

• ~~Cyber strategy and program development 

• ~~ Cyber risk assessments

• ~~Attack and penetration testing 

• ~~Cybersecurity training (various technical levels) 

• ~~SIEM/SOC related services 

• ~~Incident response

• ~~Forensics investigation 

• ~~Secure network design and secure architecture 

9. Excellent English both in speaking and writing 


1. Ability and experience in executing some/all of the services will be an advantage as someone who grew from this world will have the ability to lead the delivery group and the pre-sales activities in the best professional way. 

2. OT experience

3. Knowledge in standards such as NIST SP 800-115, IEC 62443


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