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סימילרווב SimilarWeb

מס' עובדיםNo. of employees 101-200
שנת יסודFounded 2007

SimilarWeb is a global leader in Web Measurement & Online Competitive Intelligence. Using the largest international online panel, SimilarWeb develops website analytics tools which shows you traffic statistics for any website; allowing you to compare website traffic and traffic acquisition strategies for multiple sites simultaneously

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Meet SimilarWeb, An intelligent Add-On that sits on your browser and provides easy access to similar websites and content. Founded at the year 2007 by several industry veterans; SimilarWeb has set it as a vision to provide easy access to related content at whatever form. The internet is a world of ever growing information that is expanding rapidly from day to day. With the development of the WEB 2.0, more and more data is available on the internet; as a result it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to find handy & useful content. The SimilarWeb Sidebar is an intelligent browser Add-On that dynamically provides easy access to relevant websites and content. Wherever you go on the web, our technology will work behind the scenes to discover valuable common content and present it to you in a useful way. Built on sophisticated algorithms that scout the internet and taking into account user opinions. It matters not if the user is looking at a major portal or a website of some unknown artist, SimilarWeb provides accurate results for rare sites as well as highly ranked ones, the technology excels in the long tail of the web. Specialties Specials in Similar Sites Wrong details?