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לייפבונד LifeBond

כתובתAddress איזור התעשייה קיסריה
מס' עובדיםNo. of employees 11-50
שנת יסודFounded 2007

לייפבונד (Lifebond) היא חברת מכשור רפואי המפתחת טכנולוגיה של איחוי רקמות רכות בתוך הגוף.החברה מפתחת קו מוצרי ביו-כירורגיה לאיטום ומניעת דליפות בניתוח ועצירת דימומים. לייפבונד הוקמה בינואר 2007 על ידי ישי אתר  ואורן פרייס-בלום.

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LifeBond was first conceived in 2006, in the midst of the Israel-Lebanon war, LifeBond’s founders identified a strong market need for next-generation products in the field of wound closure and hemostasis (stoppage of bleeding). Together, they built a business plan for a company that would advance medical care by developing a proprietary biomaterial technology into a range of innovative biosurgical products. LifeBond’s technology builds upon the thorough scientific research performed at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI) under the auspices of Prof. Gregory Payne. LifeBond funded a series of in-vitro efficacy studies at UMBI that demonstrated the strong potential of LifeBond’s materials in the field of biosurgical wound closure. The Company has been fortunate to enjoy the ongoing scientific support of Prof. Payne, now Director of the Center for Biosystems Research at UMBI. Following the successful completion of the LifeBond-funded research at UMBI, the Company secured a Round A investment from the Glenrock and Zitelman private investment groups, who offered superior management expertise and experience. Under the guidance of its late Chairman Dr. David Haselkorn, a prominent figure in Israeli biotechnology, LifeBond established offices and laboratories in the Caesarea Industrial Park and commenced full operations in July 2007. Currently, LifeBond is striving to fulfill its mission to improve patient care by introducing biomedical devices that will be part of the next-generation surgical toolbox. The Company will provide versatile hemostatic solutions to minimize fatalities and damage from bleeding or leaking injuries. As it grows into the future, LifeBond aims to establish a leading position in emerging biosurgical market niches and utilize novel polymeric biomaterials to address a range of challenging surgical problems. Wrong details?