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כימאגיס Chemagis

מס' עובדיםNo. of employees 1001-5000
שנת יסודFounded 1987
Founded in 1987, Chemagis is a subsidiary of Perrigo (PRGO) - the world’s largest manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical and nutritional products for the store-brand market. Perrigo Israel (PIL) , Israel's second largest pharmaceutical conglomerate are also part of the Perrigo Group. Chemagis develops, produces and markets an extensive line of high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDF) for the branded and generic pharmaceutical industries. Its products comply with the exacting regulatory requirements of leading health authorities including the FDA, MCA, TGA and HPB, while its facility in Israel is FDA-inspected and cGMP-compliant. Leveraging its strengths in complex chemistry, patents and in-depth regulatory expertise, and propelled by a team of experts and creative scientists, Chemagis provides tailor-made solutions to meet individual requirements - regardless of complexity. We offer our customers comprehensive, customized packages consisting of IP assets, API products, dossiers, FDF, bundling and P-IV partnerships - some through joint ventures and some independently - all complemented by strategic alliances. Chemagis also offers complete technical and regulatory support from project inspection through to final production. Applying high efficiency and control measures during the entire supply, development and manufacturing chain, and throughout the product lifecycle, Chemagis provides outstanding value to hundreds of customers worldwide. With the ever-changing and increasingly competitive climate in the global API and Pharma industry, Chemagis has been proactively searching for ways to improve its leadership position. In 2008 Chemagis India (CAI) was establised by acquiring a 51% stake in newly constructed intermediates facility in Tarapur, India. In 2009 Perrigo API India (PAI) was established following the acquisition of 85% holdings of a state of the art API plant near Mumbai. Expected to become fully operational in late 2011, PAI will produce Chemagis' current high volume API products along with API's targeted for the future. This strategic move towards diversified capabilities will further enhance Chemagis' highly valued operational flexibility, and add to our company's competitive edge Wrong details?