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About Us

At Ethosia, our passion is people and technologies. That might sound obvious given our field of expertise, but in the reality of today's digital virtual world, human touch often gets lost in the data stream. Beginning in the pre-broadband era in 2001, through the age of mobile connectivity, we've been successfully connecting people with people in Israel and around the globe - looking beyond the CV, the profile and the job description.

We believe in constant learning and adapting to the new technological and employment world, as it evolves, we form long-term relationships with our customers and accompany them throughout their years of development. In doing so, we maintain a comprehensive understanding of their changing needs which allows us to find them the right people, in the right time, for every position.


Our fields of expertise include:

  • Executive Placement. Pinpoint accuracy lead by a personal account executive. Implementing years of experience in technology, management and psychology – we've created a unique recruitment process for the successful location, evaluation and placement of professional candidates in positions throughout the country.

  • Global Recruitment: Our global network and international affiliates specialize in providing solutions for challenging positions with special requirements by locating and hiring the right individuals from anywhere in the world.

  • Outsourcing of HR and Recruitment service: Our onsite HR and recruitment specialists, offer full handling of active candidate sourcing and screening, management of professional in-depth interviews, and any related administrative tasks for the hiring managers. In addition, our on-site professional HR consultants, will handle the monthly salary, compensation and benefit plan, and will manage the organizational training and welfare process. This model will ensure maximum flexibility for  your changing needs and will allow the organization to perform independent HR and recruitment management, with minimum training period for learning of the organization and the HR needs.

  •  Outsourcing and SW/HW Managed Services: Our subsidiary "Top Talents" provides targeted, on-site outsourcing services managed by expert teams individually assigned to assist our customers in their ongoing or targeted activities from within their organization's facilities.

  • Outplacement:Being passionate about people is especially important during employee dismissal. Our unique solution addresses the emotional and practical concerns for both the company and the employees in this delicate and challenging process.


Additional Info

Headquarters: 72 Pinchas Rozen St. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israeli North branch: 30 Building Matam Haifa


  Founded: 2001


Our Management

Mr. Eyal Solomon – CEO and founder:

Heading Ethosia since its founding in 2001, Eyal specializes in locating and recruiting senior executives for the Technology and Bio-Tech industries, utilizing his close relationships with key figures in the hi-tech, capital funding and industrial sectors. Eyal is also our leading executive management and career-planning consultant.

Eyal brings extensive experience in marketing and sales, international business-development, and in building strategic partnerships and distribution channels from years of senior management at HP and holds a B.A. in Management and Economics from the Open University of Israel.

Mr. Adi Ironi – VP Recruitment:

Adi joined Ethosia in 2006 as manager of our HW recruitment sector. Since 2009, Adi has held several roles in corporate HR and has served as an Organizational Development consultant. He been managing our Executive and Professional Recruitment Departments since 2011, specializing in professional staffing services for the Hi-Tech and Bio-Tech sectors.

Adi holds an M.A. in Organizational Sociology and a B.A. in Social Sciences, both magna cum laude from Bar-Ilan University and is also a certified personal and business coach.

Mr. Ron Stern - VP Customer Success

Ron joined Ethosia in 2012 following an extensive career in executive sales and business-development, where he gained invaluable expertise in employee mobility, compensations & benefits and relocation policies. In his last role, Ron served as VP of Sales for a large corporation in the relocation sector. Ron heads Ethosia's "Top Talents" subsidiary, responsible for outsourcing and outplacement projects, and is in charge of the company's business-development efforts.

Ron holds a B.A. in Human Resources Management from Ben-Gurion University, an M.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands and an International MBA from the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon-Le'Zion.

Ms. Inbar Hasten-Pardo - HR Manager:

Inbar joined Ethosia in 2013 as our HR manager, bringing over 11 years' experience in human resources in the Hi-Tech industry. Well versed in procedures, employee interviews, personalization analysis, employee contracts, career consulting, labor-laws and employee welfare – Inbal is our "HR Guru" for any challenge.

Inbar holds a BA in Behavioral Science, as well as an MA in Organizational Development, both from the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon-Le'Zion.