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סיקאם ביות'רפיוטיקס cCAM Biotherapeutics

מס' עובדיםNo. of employees 11-50
אתרWebsite http://ccam-bio.com
cCAM Biotherapeutics is a pre-clinical stage company developing immunotherapies for cancer. cCAM's lead agent, CM-10, is an immunomodulatory antibody that harnesses the patient's immune system to attack tumors. CM-10 binds CEACAM1, a protein used by cancer cells to suppress the immune system. CM-10 abrogates this effect, leading to a cancer specific immune response in patients. cCAM has demonstrated proof of concept through in-vivo studies and is entering clinical studies. cCAM will select patients for its clinical studies based on the fact that CEACAM1 can be measured on tumor cells. This selection may substantially reduce the risks associated with the studies and shorten the clinical path. Wrong details?