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ורוניס Varonis

שנת יסודFounded 2005
Varonis Systems was founded in early 2005 by networking and storage experts Yaki Faitelson and Ohad Korkus. After spending years in the development, design and implementation of large scale networking and data management infrastructures for NetVision and Network Appliance, they came to a realization: The processes for monitoring who has access to sensitive data, finding data owners and controlling access to this data were fundamentally flawed since they were highly manual, resource intensive, and rarely ensured that rightful data access was consistently maintained. Since they had been in a position to analyze and implement the leading methods for data protection, Mr. Faitelson and Mr. Korkus understood that available approaches were not only ineffective but could not be successfully modified to ensure rightful access. At the core of the issue is that data control or governance is a business process and what was needed was a methodology based on business context. Existing technologies focused too narrowly either on only managing users, or on understanding data. There was no technology to bridge the two by looking at context of use. Mr. Faitelson and Mr. Korkus set out to develop a new technology for determining and effecting data authorizations, finding sensitive data and data owners; a solution by which users would be aligned with data according to business need. The result was the Varonis Metadata Framework,™ which non-intrusively collects this critical metadata, generates metadata where existing metadata is lacking, pre-processes it, normalizes it, analyzes it, stores it, and presents it in an interactive, dynamic interface; automating the process of learning who has access to sensitive data and controlling access to this data. Today Varonis is the foremost innovator and solution provider of comprehensive, actionable data governance solutions for unstructured and semi-structured data with over 4000 installations spanning leading firms in financial services, government, healthcare, energy, media, education, manufacturing and technology worldwide. Based on patented technology, Varonis' solutions give organizations total visibility and control over their data, ensuring that only the right users have access to the right data at all times Wrong details?